Safety & Security Applications

improve the strength and safety of your windows

Vista and Llumar Magnum safety and security window films are a terrific way to improve the strength and safety of the windows in your home or business. Installed on the interior surface of an existing window, these multilayer polyester films (typically 8-mil) make glass more break-resistant, and far less likely to shatter into hundreds of sharp, dangerous pieces should a heavy impact occur. After an impact, safety films are designed to hold the shattered glass together.


The importance of frame attachment

A crucial part of all our safety film installations is the inclusion of a wet glaze frame attachment, which bonds the glass, film and window frame together, thereby reducing wind stress blow outs, which are notorious for dangerous, airborne glass shards. Keeping the glass in place also significantly reduces the residual damage caused by wind and heavy rains during a storm.

Finally, by protecting the exterior envelope of your home or business, you also reduce the risk of structural pressurization, which can lead to everyone’s worst case scenario, roof loss and structural failure. As these films are safety items, any discussion of the strengths and, in some cases, weaknesses of this or any other protection system needs to be very frank and not taken lightly. Our many years of experience help you sort through all you’ve heard and decide which product is best for you and your needs.


Why the Frame attachment installation is best

In this dramatic test, Matt Lillich of Coastal Tinting + Security Films in Myrtle Beach, SC proves why structural sealant is the critical key to your security and safety film installation. 

Our clients rest easy knowing the security film is attached to the window frame.