commercial applications

unique solar challenges

Whether you have a retail store and have display merchandise being ruined (fading) by direct ultraviolet sunlight, or you own a bar or restaurant and would like to darken your windows for ambiance, or you want greater protection against “smash and grab” theft, we can help you select the window film that’s right for your business. Over the years we have applied virtually every type of film on the windows of businesses in and around Myrtle Beach. Even more so than with homes, every business has its own, specific needs. Typically, the financial bottom-line is also a motivating factor in a window film purchase. “Is this going to save us money?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”


energy savings

Energy savings alone can achieve true payback in a relatively short time; and, the increased life span of carpeting, merchandise, art, and furnishings will further add to those savings. Our window films can also satisfy certain code requirements. According to building codes in our area, tempered glass is required in all windows in close proximity to floors (for example, sliding glass doors) or in “slip-prone areas”, such as bathrooms. Our 4-mil, safety/security films bring ordinary plate (or annealed) glass up to tempered glass [ANSI Z97.1] code for “break safe” characteristics. Of course, we supply all of the necessary documentation to demonstrate code satisfaction that building inspectors will require. Savings of both time and cost for contractors can be huge. This also demonstrates to home and business owners just how effectively these safety films work.