See heat-loss with your own eyes

We proudly carry Vista products, and in this video, you’ll see the dramatic insulating improvements that can be achieved using the new Enerlogic window film from Solutia and Vista.

Enerlogic glass insulation technology offers excellent value by helping to reduce energy consumption, lowering a home’s carbon footprint, and preserve natural resources.

These revolutionary “Low E” films dramatically improve the insulating performance of windows. In Summer, Enerlogic film helps keep the heat out, like traditional window film. In Winter, it does what standard window film can’t do: it helps lock the heat inside, so you get a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings all year long.


Enerlogic window film essentially transforms single-pane windows into dual-pane, and gives double-pane windows triple-pane performance.

Enerlogic film improves glass insulating performance, commonly known as “R-Value” as much as 92%.