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Nowadays wireless routers are used extensively in homes and business places to transmit data to other devices. It eliminates the need to carry out lots of network wiring. It can be used easily at home, office or worksite. Any device that has the ability to receive wireless signal can be connected to the wireless router.

With the help of wireless Internet router, multiple devices can use data transmission features simultaneously. There is a wide range of wireless routers for office on the market and one can select the router according to specific requirements. From the simple routers that can connect only a few devices to the high speed expensive wireless routers, everything can be found.

Belkin N750 Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router (Latest Generation)

Before using any router it is important to know the best wireless internet router. There are some routers that are very popular among home and small business users. In this category, the first wireless internet router; that one should check is Belkin N750 DB. This router delivers the very high speed of 300-450 Mbps. In the 2.4 GHz band, the speed is about 300 Mbps while in the 5 GHz the speed is 450 Mbps. It features the dual band technology and supports the latest 802.11n wireless standard. If someone needs a high rate of data transfer then the device uses the router’s 5 GHz. This router makes it possible to place devices at longer distances because its signal strength is very strong. It is possible because of the multi-beam antenna used in it.

Whether it is the transfer of large files or sharing applications that include videos, one can take advantage of gigabit ports provided in this router. It also offers two USB ports that make it easier to share devices like printers. It uses advanced security firewall features of SPI and NAT. The network problems are usually resolved immediately with the help of self-healing application.

Cisco-Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router

Another wireless internet router that makes to the best router category is the E4200 from Linksys. It offers many new features that were not available in the company’s earlier routers. With its fast speed, it is now easier to connect Wi-Fi devices, game consoles, Internet-ready TVs, and computers. For the maximum home networking speed, it offers 300 Mbps as well as 450 Mbps speed.

The latest wireless technology of 802.11n has been used in this wireless router. This allows establishing a powerful wireless network. For better coverage, the signal strength is increased with the help of MIMO antenna array. Devices placed in different rooms in the home get the exceptional signal and coverage. Whether it is gaming, file transfer or streaming HD videos, everything works smoothly and efficiently.

There is no external signal interference because of its advanced dual-band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz features. This wireless internet router is not only easy to manage but can also be installed quickly. It is a home theater ready product that can connect different devices like media players, game consoles, and computers.

NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400

When looking for the best wireless internet router, the buyer must also check the features and specifications of N600 from Netgear. It is a popular dual-band router that offers the fastest speed and affordable pricing. It can send signals on both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. Generally, for smaller Bluetooth devices the 2.4 GHz is used. For better performance, high-end devices use 5 GHz frequency. The dual-band feature of this router makes it possible to operate almost all devices that are connected to it. With the help of a password, the user can prevent access to its storage. The FTP and HTTP operations can be handled easily with the NAS feature. An interesting feature with this router is the Traffic Meter that makes it easy to control the bandwidth of the router. It also offers other useful features like port forwarding, standard plug-and-play, and content filtering.

When buying any wireless internet router it is important to check some features that must be present in it. The price is another factor to consider. The buyer has to pay more for the router that offers maximum features and optimum performance. One should always buy


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